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SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller

Quick Overview

  • Wireless controller via Bluetooth technology

  • Cross-platform compatibility with PC, Mac, Android smartphones, tablets and iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Classic controller layout with two joysticks, Dpad, two trigger buttons, four-button layout, and select/start buttons

  • Remap all 12 buttons via SteelSeries Engine

  • Light indicators for pairing and switching between multiple device platforms

  • Rechargeable battery with an estimated 10 hrs of continuous, wireless play time

  • Auto power save will turn off the controller after more than 3 mins of being idle

  • Mini USB to USB cable will charge the SteelSeries FREE in less than 2 hours and allows for charge and play functionality

  • Controller will work up to 20 feet away from your computer or device

  • SteelSeries FREE App for mobile devices will provide users with the quick start guide, and direct access to SteelSeries Engine support.
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    Control the World
    The SteelSeries Free Mobile Gaming Controller is a wireless Bluetooth controller designed for cross-platform use on PC/Mac®, Android® Smartphones and Tablets, iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad®. This new breed of gaming controller brings together a compact and lightweight design with the industry's best cross-platform capability.
    Add in a classic, familiar layout and a rechargeable battery with 20hrs of casual playtime and you have the Freedom to Play.

    Play anything. Anywhere.
    Universal, Bluetooth connectivity means that you can game on your iOS or Android phones and tablets, and even your PC and Mac®. The SteelSeries Engine App is available on all platforms for maximum configurability.

    Android Compatibility
    The controller is supported on the Android platform in games such as:
    - Grand Theft Auto 3
    - Shadowgun
    - RipTide GP
    - And more...
    Additional compatibility can be found through Zeemote enabled apps

    iOS Compatibility
    Full support of many iOS games includes titles like:
    - Temple Run
    - Midway Arcade
    - League of Evil 2
    - And many more...

    PC & Mac® Compatibility
    The SteelSeries Free is capable of mouse and keyboard emulation thanks to the SteelSeries Engine. This means that virtually every title on the Mac® and PC are fully compatible.
    The SteelSeries Free is compatible with games like:
    - Trine™
    - Trine™ 2
    - Super Meat Boy
    - Burnout™ Paradise
    - GRID®
    - Call of Duty®: Black Ops
    - And more...
    The classic, familiar layout also inspires instant nostalgia when you fire up your favorite emulators.

    SteelSeries Engine App
    Support from the PC version of SteelSeries Engine provides full remapping and configuration of the controller. To download the latest version, please visit

    Battery Life
    The rechargeable battery is capable of 10+ hours of non-stop, wireless play while, with more casual use, can last over 20 hours.
    Automatic power save feature will turn off the controller after 20 minutes of being idle when paired and 3 minutes when unpaired.

    Charge and Play
    With the SteelSeries Free you are never done gaming. At any point you can plug the provided USB cable in to charge the controller while you continue to enjoy your favorite games.

    Size & Weight
    - Length: 108mm
    - Width: 55mm
    - Thickness: 20mm
    - Weight: 54 grams



    Tap! Magazine

    "You are paying for quality, comfort and the best compatibility outside of a full-sized iCade, and so if you have the funds, this tiny controller comes highly recommended"



    "...I was also struck by how easy it was to play Temple Run on the iPad without touching the screen. Instead of flick controls, I used the pad's stick to jump, duck and turn. Suddenly a game that had given me so much trouble in the past was ridiculously easy…"



    "The SteelSeries Free Mobile Gaming Controller (announced at CES as the Ion), for instance, is one of the smallest dual-analog gamepads we've ever palmed -- and it doesn't sacrifice much for its diminutive size, either"


    Additional Information

    What's in the package
  • SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller
  • user manual.
  • Additional Information

    Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 12.4 x 4.7 cm

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