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SteelSeries 7G (us) Black Cherry Switch

Quick Overview

  • Supports all keys pressed down at once

  • Durable metal inner chassis

  • Features SteelSeries Media Control

  • Removable hand rest

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    From the Manufacturer

    SteelSeries 7G sets new industry standards for gaming keyboards by allowing users to perform the most detailed and advanced key combinations to date. By utilizing the most powerful PS/2 buffer-system ever created for a gaming keyboard, SteelSeries 7G redefines "anti-ghosting" by supporting as many simultaneous key presses as there are keys on the keyboard. The keyboard features both PS/2 and USB connectors.

    SteelSeries 7G Keyboard
    The 7G gaming keyboard sets industry standards and has a large handrest for supreme comfort

    SteelSeries 7G Keyboard
    Metal keys offer an extended lifecycle for up to 50 million key presses

    SteelSeries 7G keyboard
    SteelSeries key provides access to the Media Controls via the first six F-keys on the keyboard
    Golden Quality and Rapid Response Time

    The use of PS/2 combined with a gold-plated USB connector and 18K gold-plated mechanical switches, means that SteelSeries 7G improves your ability to obtain more Actions Per Minute than any other keyboard in the world. It features gaming grade response times and more than 6 times the durability of a traditional keyboard.

    To put it simply: If you need the fastest reaction time, highest reliability, and the ability to perform very complex keyboard combinations, then the SteelSeries 7G is your choice.

    SteelSeries 7G Keyboard
    Featuring ports for headphone-in and microphone-out as well as two USB 1.1 ports

    SteelSeries 7G Keyboard
    Experience greater tactile feedback and increased APM with the 7G gaming keyboard

    SteelSeries 7G Keyboard
    All keys are mounted on a metal plate to ensure durability and consistency

    SteelSeries 7G Keyboard
    Featuring gold plated mechanical switches and connectors for enhanced durability
    Redefining "Anti-Ghosting"

    Ever tried pressing a few keys on your keyboard and getting a beep sound? It either happens when you press too many keys at the same time, or when you press too many keys within the same cluster at the same time (like the keys around WASD which often used for movements in games). If your keyboard exhibits this behavior it will hinder your ability to perform certain actions, movement in FPS games being one example. The industry calls this anti-ghosting. When using USB, you can use up to 6 keys plus modifiers at the same time, which is the highest spec limit a USB connection can accommodate.

    Increased APM

    It gets even better. With the 7G you don’t have to press the keys all the way down for them to register. The mechanical switches will register key presses quickly with a travel distance roughly 50% shorter than a conventional keyboard. You will type faster, with a consistent tactile feeling. Your Actions Per Minute (APM) can reach new heights with the 7G thanks to this feature.

    Tactile Feedback and Unrivaled Lifecycle

    But the 7G offers more than just a long lifecycle. The rubber domes on a conventional keyboard will, over time, lose their tactile feeling due to rubber flexing. The keys you use the most will start to feel different. The physical construction of the mechanical switches used in the 7G, and the strict tolerance levels in which the switches are manufactured, is what allows the key presses on this keyboard to always feel consistent.

    USB and Audio Ports

    SteelSeries 7G is equipped with audio ports for headphone-in and microphone-out and features two USB 1.1 ports, making it easier than ever to connect speakers or a headset to your setup. Headphone/speaker-out and microphone-in is built directly into the keyboard. This gives you easy access to your audio outlet, instead of having to move to the back of your computer, when changing or plugging in audio devices. Not to mention plugging in your mouse or recharging your MP3-player or cell phone is closer and easier.


    It may take a while to get used to a mechanical keyboard. Most gamers or typists acclimate in approximately 1 to 2 weeks. Once you are properly acclimated you will appreciate better tactile feedback, superior response times and ultimately greater control. Simply put: You will become a better typist.

    ...And It's Heavy

    It's not just called "heavyweight" because it packs the best performance in the industry. The 7G is also physically heavy. All keys are mounted on a metal plate within the keyboard to ensure durability. The plastic material used to create the keyboard has metal elements, also to help to improve durability.

    USB and PS/2 Connectors

    The PS/2 connector will give you total freedom with no limit to the amount of simultaneous key presses. And, equally as important, using the PS/2 may just improve your overall gaming experience. The reason is that when you use a USB keyboard your computer is actually using CPU time polling your keyboard. The higher the polling rate the more CPU time is used to perform the polling. And because of the built-in debounce rate found on any quality keyboard, any polling rate above 200Hz is simply a waste of CPU time and really just a result of pointless marketing hype. Unlike USB keyboards, a PS/2 keyboard isn’t polled at all. The keyboard simply sends a signal to the computer as key presses are made, which causes a hardware interrupt, forcing the CPU to register the signal.

    The 7G is built with a USB as standard, but also included is a USB to PS/2 adapter in the box. The choice is yours.

    SteelSeries 7G Keyboard
    Easy Access to Media Controls

    The Windows key is useful for certain things and in certain situations. But not in the middle of a gaming session. Replacing it on the 7G is a SteelSeries Key that won’t wreak havoc during a gaming session by minimizing your game or by opening a menu. The SteelSeries Key serves a different purpose: it's a function key for the Media Controls found on the 7G. You can press the SteelSeries key and access the Media Controls via the first six F-keys on the keyboard.

    What's in the Box

    The SteelSeries 7G Mechanical Keyboard, handrest, USB connector, USB to PS/2 adapter.

    What Critics Are Saying About SteelSeries 7G Mechanical Keyboard

    "...the build quality of the 7G is nothing short of exceptional. The SteelSeries 7G is a fantastic keyboard for users who want the best possible performance and build quality and don't mind paying for it."
    --Henry Butt,

    "It might look pretty normal to the untrained eye, but the SteelSeries 7G is the Aston Martin of the keyboard world--if James Bond did computers, he would have some SteelSeries equipment in his kit."

    "...anyone who appreciates a quality product should look no further than the 7G whether they want a blazingly fast response for the latest shoot 'em up or unbeatable feedback while typing. The mechanical switches are simply magnificent and the build quality is some of the best you'll ever see in a keyboard."
    --Nathan Marks Forder,

    Additional Information

    What's in the packageSteelSeries 7G (us) Black Cherry Switch keyboard, switch convert from usb to PS2 and user manual.
    Additional Information

    Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 12.6 x 3.3 inches

    Technical Specifications

    • USB Hub: Two (2) USB 1.1 Ports
    • Gold-plated Microphone and Headset Jacks
    • Connection Options: PS/2 and USB
    • Dimensions: 21.5" x 12.6" x 3.3"
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