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Verus Saffiano K1 Case for iPad Air


PONG iPhone 5 Soft Touch Case (Green Metallic)

PONG iPhone 5 Soft Touch Case (Silver Metallic)

Quick Overview

Features and Benefits

Scientifically engineered case can improve signal strength by up to 20% and protect against dropped calls

Efficient antenna performance can increase talk-time battery life

Pong technology reduces exposure to cellular radiation by up to 91% below international safety limits by redirecting cell phone radiation away from your head and body

The sleek and minimalist style compliments the iPhone 5's distinctive thin and light design

Beautiful soft touch finish for a luxurious feeling and comfortable grip

FREE Screen Protector and Cleaning Cloth included

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Protecting the User: Reduce Radiation Exposure

Why I need to use PONG instead of other phone casings?

Pong protects you, your phone and optimizes your signal. Pong is the ONLY solution proven by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified laboratories to protect users from cell phone radiation while optimizing phone performance. Plus, the sleek and elegant design provides you with the only cool protective case for bothyour phone and you. Pong is proven to reduce cell phone radiation (SAR) up to 95% below FCC limits.



What is SAR?

SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and measures the amount of cell phone radiation in units of watts per kilogram (W/kg) absorbed by a cell phone user's body including the head. 

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) limits SAR levels in cell phones for partial-body exposure (including the head) to up to 1.6 W/kg (watts/kilogram). In general, the lower the SAR, the better the chances your phone is not a potential health hazard.
How does Pong affect my cell reception?
Because Pong helps your phone use its energy more efficiently, your reception and transmission are optimized.

Protecting Your Signal

How Pong Works

When you hold your cell phone to your ear, your head and body absorbs up to 68% of the radiation emitted by your phone making it more difficult for your cell phone to communicate with the cell tower. The antenna within the Pong case redirects the cell phone radiation away from your head allowing more radiation to communicate with the cell tower, which optimizes your signal.

Your cell phone's battery life is also optimized by having the signal optimized, because your phone doesn't have to work so hard to communicate with the cell tower.

 How the Pong case effects the cell phone's signal pattern are illustrated below from actual tests conducted on an iPhone atCETECOM, an independent FCC certified test facility.

Without the Pong DeviceWith the Pong Device
TRP increased .12 dB, SAR reduced 64%

When using a cell phone without a Pong case, the absorption of radiation by the user, which can be up to 68% of the TRP (Total Radiated Power - signal strength), creates a signal “dead zone” on the side of the head opposite the phone – this can be clearly seen as the dark blue indent in the laboratory measurement of the signal pattern shown in the plot on the left. The impact of the Pong case on the signal pattern can be seen in the plot on the right. The antenna within the Pong case redirects the radiation away from your head and body so that less radiation is absorbed. The result is a more uniform radiation pattern in the area surrounding the user, which enables more radiation to be available to communicate with the cell tower.

Using a Pong case for your smartphone:

  • Optimizes your signal strength
  • Optimizes your battery life
  • Reduces your exposure to cell phone radiation


Protecting the Phone

Optimizing Total Radiated Power (TRP)

In addition to providing protection for your phone from unnecessary damage due to being scratched or dropped, Pong protects your phone in another very important way. The transmission power of your cell phone is called Total Radiated Power (TRP). The maximum TRP of most modern cell phones, as measured in dBm (30 dbm=1 Watt), ranges from 24-33 dBm, with 27 dBm being average. Since TRP is directly related to the ability of your phone to communicate with the cell tower, it is important that external devices such as cell phone cases preserve TRP as much as possible.

Any case, cover, or device that you place upon your cell phone is likely to negatively impact TRP. This is especially true for other radiation devices that "contain" or "shield" radiation from the user and, consequently, can reduce TRP by over 90%.

In contrast, laboratory testing confirms that the typical performance of a Pong case will result in TRP changes of +/- 2.5 dB. So Pong is the only cell phone case has been proven to actually increase TRP.

We are so confident you will not notice a reduction in signal strength that we offer you this Pong Pledge:
If you notice a loss of cell signal from using your Pong case, simply return the case to us within 30 days of receipt and Pong will refund your purchase price. No questions asked.


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