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BlueLounge Kii (Lightning)

BlueLounge Sanctuary 4 Charging Station

Quick Overview

More Powerful Than Ever

With exponentially more power, Sanctuary4 has been completely reengineered with a 4-amp charger to give you enough juice to quickly charge up to four devices at once.

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Regular Price: $139.00

Special Offer $132.05


Power, Where You Need It

In the office, living room, bedroom or kitchen, Sanctuary4 gives you a hub to gather and charge your devices in one place, with a timeless design that seamlessly integrates into any setting. For hotels and retail business, Sanctuary4 is an essential amenity to keep your customers charged-up and happy.

Power, Where You Need It



Zero Drag

The 4-amps of power in Sanctuary4 will charge your devices simultaneously with plenty of power to get a full charge with zero drag. So when you're ready to rock, so are your devices. Each device you own requires a different amount of power to get a full and complete charge. For the best results, the key below shows the recommended device combinations.

Charge multiple devices at once



Tablets Welcome

Finally, a comprehensive charger that gives tablets a dedicated spot to charge. The angle-adjustable tablet stand was designed to work with all tablets, yet remain as minimal and discreet as possible to keep the design clean and simple.

angle-adjustable tablet stand was designed to work with all tablets

angle-adjustable tablet stand was designed to work with all tablets



Tablet Compatibility

Sanctuary4 is compatible with all tablets, large and small, with or without cases.

Sanctuary4 is compatible with all tablets, large and small, with or without cases.


Sanctuary4 is available in Black or White.

Sanctuary4 is available in Black or White.



Design Awards

IIDA Spark Design

IDEA Good Design

Additional Information


Customizable Connectivity

Sanctuary4 includes four USB ports so you can use the cables that come with your devices. When you change your devices, simply switch out your cables to tailor your Sanctuary4 to exactly what you need.

Customizable Connectivity - Works with Micro-USB, Apple 30-pin, and Apple Lightning connectors

Sanctuary4 comes with one Bluelounge Charge & Sync Micro-USB short cable (8 in.) Additional Bluelounge Charge & Sync short cables (8 in.) for Lightning, 30-pin and Micro-USB are sold separately.

Inside view of the Sanctuary4

What's in the package

- Sanctuary 4 unit
- Compatibility List / User Manual
- International AC adapter with UK plugs
- Bluelounge Charge & Sync Micro-USB short cable (8 in.)

* Additional Bluelounge Charge & Sync short cables (8 in.) for Lightning, 30-pin and Micro-USB are sold separately.

Additional Information

The Sanctuary charging station review
The Sanctuary charging station review

Bluelounge on TBS's movie and a makeover
Bluelounge on TBS's movie and a makeover youtube

“The Sanctuary is fantastic. I wanted one the second I saw it but hesitated to purchase one. As with all of my tech purchases I thought about how much would I really use it and how long will it be serviceable. Three years later I still use it daily to charge my iPhone, its aux battery, my iPod's and my Bluetooth accessories. It charges my devices significantly faster than the OEM chargers and I have a strong dislike for visible cords so it's aesthetically pleasing form definitely compliments its function. The Sanctuary is marketed as offering the ability to charge all of YOUR devices, but how many times has a friend or family member visited and needed to charge THEIRS? Well at my house pretty often and it's wonderful to say "no problem" and show them to my Sanctuary. I also must mention that the Customer Service is AMAZING!! I misplaced my power cord and received world class assistance to secure a replacement. My local Lexus dealership could take some pointers from Bluelounge on how to treat customers! I love it, buy one and you will to. I do have one issue though... the woodgrain wasn't available yet when I bought mine. LOL”

John L, San Francisco

BlueLounge "The Sanctuary" flickr

“I saw and used The Sanctuary during a hotel stay (W Hotel) in Washington, DC. I wrote down the information, and when I got home checked it out on-line. Well, it has arrived...and I totally love it! Great organization invention. It has so much practicality! Thanks blueLounge! ”

DuJuan, Mountain View, CA

“AWESOME. Good bye to all those cables. Now if you could create a portable version, with just the cables for travelling I would be set.”

Peter Robinson, Singapore

Review: BlueLounge Sanctuary
Review: BlueLounge Sanctuary

“Our company, Cornucopia, bought the Sanctuary docking station to sell to our clients as a corporate gift. I finally took one home for myself and absolutely LOVE it!! It sits on our kitchen counter, its neat and has helped us keep the kitchen more organized. Our entire family uses it for their blackberry, cell phone and ipods. No more tangled wires and fighting for the power outlet to charge our phones. Kudos!!”

Cindy P, Montreal, Quebec

“I got it for christmas from my wife ! It's fantastic ! We use it for all of our mobile stuff, iphone, mobile phones, my wireless SENNHEISER headset-accu etc etc!”

Uwe Schulz, Germany

“I bought the sanctuary as a christmas gift for my bf. he saw it in a mall and when he was about to buy one, I told him that I have one like that for him. The item turned out to be an advanced x-mas gift and he surely liked it...”

Cecille Makani, Manila, Philippines

“es una fantastica idea. he eliminado cinco! cargadores de mi escritorio...y es bonito!”

Albert, Lleida España

“We have a Sanctuary at the office, it's absolutely amazing, everybody uses it on a daily basi, good work bluelounge!”

Camiel, Tilburg, The Netherlands Blue Lounge Sanctuary Review Blue Lounge Sanctuary Review youtube

“Love the innovation in design as well as the simple yet elegant look.”

Aditya, Bombay, India

“This is my second order for The Sanctuary. We love it! This one is going into our business office.”

Raechel Taylor, CA

“This is fantastic! A great buy! No more wires and chargers everywhere. Don't Miss.”

Gary Gamp, London

“I got the Sanctuary for Christmas - It's absolutely GREAT!”

Roy Verrips, Dubai, UAE

“I recently won The Sanctuary from BlueLounge during Apartment Therapy's Holiday Giveaway. Not only is The Sanctuary a great product (clean lines, easy to use, the perfect size), but BlueLounge got it to me promptly and then was kind enough to check to make sure I had received it. Thank you for an excellent product and wonderful service!”

Jessica, USA

“the white look better than the black. i have a blackberry and the charge is on the left side, wish the board have a cutout on the left so that the cable can came out. it help to make the phone lay in line. i buy it because it look good. i am learning to try and use it.”

george, Singapore

GQ - Dec 2008

Playboy - Oct 2008

“I just got a present of 'The Sanctuary'. It connects our Nokia and Siemens cell phones satisfactorily.”

Eamon Dundon, Ireland

“This was the one product that stood out as brilliant at MacWorld SF 2008. I wish every hotel room had one of these.”

Mark Costa, Menlo Park CA

“Great product. I got the black one. Connects to absolutely every mobile device made. I have six different devices I charge and it takes them all. Looks good too. Easy to setup, even easier to use and the best part is you can put your w**d in it. hahaha.”

David Cook, Seattle

“Great product. It is very well built and easy to use. Makes my life much easier without chargers all over the house. I wish there was a drawer unit built in underneath the charging station for keys, change, etc. I definitely recommend buying this product!!”

Mark, Louisiana, USA

“Neat and useful, I love it! I just miss a cord for my Kodak camera. Thanks guys for such a cool object.”

Christophe, France

“I tell you, Germans will love your great products! Haven't seen anything comparable yet - your products combine fantastic design and functionality!”

Fabrice, Germany

  1. Awesome product! review by Scott on 7/15/2014

    Just received my bluelounge sanctuary this morning. Delivery is fast and as promised. Item received in good condition. Already using my sanctuary and it is brilliant. Eliminates clutter and I have all my devices charging in one place. Design is sleek. However, had the impression that product comes with 4 cables, but only 1 is provided. Therefore, you have to order 3 other cables separately. Recommend this product

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