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BlueLounge Mika Stand


BlueLounge CableClip

BlueLounge CableDrop

Quick Overview

Sold in packs of six, CableDrop is available in these color packs:

Bright Colors
Bright CableDrop

Muted Colors
Muted CableDrop

Black Color (new)
Black CableDrop

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Fixed Behind or on the Desktop, Even Onto
a Facing Wall

Anywhere you wish to have cables temporarily held yet easily removed or extended, CableDrop gently grasps your power and peripheral cords so they do not fall off your desk every time you unplug your laptop. The ever popular CableDrop manages your wires and cables easily solving your cable management needs.

Different cables




Peel & Stick

Peel adhesive and apply CableDrop to desired surface.

Applying CableDrop


D = 1-1/8"





Multi-Purpose Cable Clips

Cabledrop's unique design makes cable management fun and can also be used as a general purpose clip in a multitude of creative ways.

Use it on your desktop


Perfect in Any Environment

Cabledrop can really blend in with your decor, use them hidden under ledges with the muted colors to match your furniture or bring them to light by using the bright ones. Beyond just preventing cables from falling off a desk, they make great cable clips on furniture legs or walls to control unruly cords.

Three CableDrops in useTwo CableDrops in use

Design Awards

American Photo Editor's Choice 2009


Additional Information

What's in the packageNo
Additional Information

“Just received my 1st ever @blueloungeproducts, they're INCREDIBLE! CableDrop & a Milo just simplified my digital life! ”


Cyberdiario - Oct 2011

“I love all your products!! Your designs are great & state of the art! 
The Cableyoyo I carry in my purse to charge my iPhone or iPod, CableDrop is awesome to keep my the cable on my Mac in line when being charged & the Cool Feet is great for keeping my Mac cool when in use either at hone or on the go.
Keep up the awesome designs.”

Anca S., Nashville TN

Bluelounge on TBS's movie and a makeover
Bluelounge on TBS's movie and a makeover youtube

“Loved the Nest and CableDrops I got from you guys before -- you're thoroughly awesome!”

Robin, Canada

“Great design, great products. Helped organize everything, and kept it stylish.”

John Surdakowski, Brooklyn. NY

How To Turn Your Nightstand Tech Nightmare Into a Dream
How To Turn Your Nightstand Tech Nightmare Into a Dream

“It is so easy 
it is so smart
it is so elegant to store your most used cables nearby the computer
The number one gift received at my 60th birthday”

Johnny Gleden, Norway

“Its a great product however, it might be nice instead of using a sticky bottom that can't be moved anymore once its applied to have the cable drop a heavy weighted with non slip pad at the bottom.

For those of us who can't decide where to put the cable drops or need to move it around when there are more then one persons using the workspace.”

Kim Ong, New York

Streamlining with Technology
Streamlining with Technology

Review: BlueLounge CableDrop CableClips
Review: BlueLounge CableDrop CableClips

CableDrop- in daily life
CableDrop- in daily life flickr

BlueLounge Cable Drop
BlueLounge Cable Drop flickr

CableDrop Organizer :: Bluelounge
CableDrop Organizer :: Bluelounge

Widget Wrestling

Washington Post Express - Aug 2010

10 Cool Cable Management Solutions
10 Cool Cable Management Solutions

Bluelounge CableDrop & Cool Feet video review en unboxing (NL/BE)
Bluelounge CableDrop & Cool Feet video review en unboxing (NL/BE) youtube

Marketing Directors Desk
Marketing Directors Desk flickr

“Super Super Product, just about to order another couple packs.”

Jonathon Handscombe, United Kingdom

bluelounge flickr

“I just love the CableDrops :-) Great service, very fast shipping !!!”

Jonas Dhont, Oudenaarde, Belgium

Review: CableDrop by BlueLounge
Review: CableDrop by BlueLounge youtube

“Absolutely amazing ! Not only these small bright (and muted too :) ) thingies helped me organize my workspace in a best manner, but the shipping was SUPER FAST ! 27.03 - placed the order, 29.03 - got the letter is was shipped, 03.04 - already received everything, and I remind you, from another continent ! OMG, I love globalization. And I adore BlueLounge now !! :)))”

Sava DUBROVSKAYA, Manosque, France

Blue Lounge Cable Drop - Unboxing/Demo/Review
Blue Lounge Cable Drop - Unboxing/Demo/Review youtube

“Great product! I ordered the bright CableDrops and they are realy nice. Fast shipping, great packaging! Thanks!”

Evi Maquoi, Belgium

Blue Lounge Cable Drop Cable Management (Review)
Blue Lounge Cable Drop Cable Management (Review) youtube

“These are great - but with one change they would be perfect: could you make the adhesive not permanent?”

Catherine, PA

“These are way eye appealing with a real solution. I ordered 3 more packs for each work station in my house. ”

Stacey, Chicago IL

“LOVE THESE!!!! Curling irons, Lap top plug ins, Light dimmer cords! GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Donna Swank, Oklahoma

“I just love the CableDrops. They look great and keep me from constantly jumping to try and catch that cable right before.... DOH! I hate when that happens. I wrote a couple of articles about organizing a workspace and linking to the CableDrop product. Hope you enjoy. Link to article"”

Chris, Houston, TX

“It's amazing to get excited for such a little thing, but I love these! When I saw them advertised, I knew they were what I desperately needed. I wish they weren't so permanent and they don't work well for some cables. But I haven't had to search for my ipod or MacBook cord since I bought these. The colors are great (the earth tones).”

Cindy, Mpls MN

“At last a solution for my cable problem! Thanks for the incredible simple product!”

Sebastian, Netherlands

“Found these by chance and fell in love. I've been a big scotch tape (classy!) user for cables; these are such a great find. Stylish & great colors - love that you can go neon or muted to fit the milieu.”

Jane, Springfield OR

“Just bought these and absolutely love them. They are an aesthetically pleasing solution to that constant falling cable. GRACIAS.”

Stacy Lee, Northridge CA

blueLounge CableDrop Multi-Purpose Cable Clips
blueLounge CableDrop Multi-Purpose Cable Clips

“I Love it! Really, this is the elegant, yet efficient solution for that damn cable mess I've been trying to clean up for years. Brilliant! Thanks for designing all this genius stuff: keep up the good work :) ”

Stijn, Belgium

“Great products that get the job done with style and simplicity.”

Michael, Livermore, CA

“I love mine! Now my phone charger stays right where it is supposed to and I don't have to hunt around for it. The colors are really great too! Thanks for a great product!”

Dena, Fort Worth, TX

“Talking about pragmatism!!!”

Pablo Andres, Santiago, Chile

“I use a laptop so when I take it off the desk I end up with a mess of cables all over the place. Now I can free up all that desk space without having to crawl around for cables when I need to reconnect them. Great simple ideal.”

Kate, Los Angeles

Bluelounge CableDrop Product Review
Bluelounge CableDrop Product Review flickr

  1. Useful! review by Clare on 9/23/2013

    The design is great! It's awesome and useful in keeping my cables on my Mac/iPhone in place when being charged.

  2. Good, useful product review by Jeffrey on 5/24/2013

    Good product if you do plan ahead, in terms of how and where you like to use it. No extra tape if you remove and try to stick to a new location. Do buy some doubled sided tape for relocation. Overall nice product.

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